25ONE Community is a new generation of workspace

We foster an environment of interaction and collaboration for social change, where people can connect with like-minded network of creative thinkers and innovators while increasing visibility, influence and effectiveness.

Inspired by the samples of successful co-working spaces in other cities, 25ONE was established in the nation’s capital and aiming to connect people and strengthen relationships amongst progressive organizations.

Over the past couple of years, 25ONE has grown to become an innovative co-working space that houses progressive NGO’s and individuals who pool resources and foster an environment of collaboration, social justice and learning.


25ONE Community (formerly Under One Roof) is a co-working space for progressive organizations and individuals that seek to share space, resources, and values. The organization was created to increase the capacity of socially-driven people and organizations to come together, collaborate, and find solutions to society’s issues. We do this by:

  • Providing a multi-purpose building from which people and organizations can come together to work, meet, and engage each other for the purpose of driving forward progressive social agendas.
  • Increasing the capacity and sustainability of non-profits by providing high-quality workspaces (office space and workstations as well as on-demand “hot desks”) at very competitive rates and by enabling the sharing of operational resources.
  • Contributing to leadership development, the development of creative partnerships, collaborative working in the non-profit and social change sectors, the education and professional development of the sector, and the wellbeing of its staff and volunteers by hosting events, workshops, and other activities for our members. Many of these activities are open to tenants’ partners, interested individuals, and the community at large.

25ONE is host to 25 organizations working within the progressive and social justice arena, supporting such fields as human rights, environmental protection, poverty reduction, gender equality, health, sexual reproductive and sexual orientation rights. In addition to providing dedicated office space to charities, non-profits, and socially-conscious businesses, they also offer a breadth of opportunity for people from these organizations and beyond to participate in a range of activities that not only increase the capacity and knowledge of organizations within the space but also the wellbeing of its staff and volunteers.


HOLLY SOLOMON, Charity Lawyer
LISA GREAVES, Owner of Octopus Books
TARA HENDERSON, Director of Fundraising and Operations Action Canada
BEATRICE OLIVASTRI, CEO Friends of the Earth
ANDREA FURLONG, Executive Director – Council of Canadians (Advisory role only)
MEENA PERUVEMBA, Financial Director – Council of Canadians (Advisory role only)